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For Realtors

Inspected once, inspected right. ®

If you have not used Excel before, you may not know that our specialty is working with first-time home buyers to help make the experience as stress-free as possible. We understand that buying a home for the first time can be overwhelming so we work to make the reports user-friendly and the transaction go as smoothly as possible. We are known for honest, reliable and affordable inspections.

Presale Inspections

If you are in the process of selling your home, an inspection before listing will point out any potential problems or defects that might be uncovered later during the buyer’s inspection. Finding out about any major defects early on in the process will allow you to address them prior to listing your home to bring your home up to its full market potential. We can offer Move-In Certified pre-sale inspections, go to for more information.

Who Gets the Report?

It’s very important that the buyer’s agent or representative receive a copy of the inspection report so they can provide assistance to the buyer in repairs or negotiations. We do not provide a copy of the report to anyone else without the buyer’s consent and approval. When warranted, we can provide copies to any parties needing to make repairs and further clarification. We can also upload your report to for easy contractor access, just let us know your needs.

Easy Access to Any Listing

We are members of ABOR with Supra lockbox keys which will gain access withut a CBS code. If there is not a lock box on the door just let us know how we will be gaining access.

Quick Turn-Around Time

With the understanding that option periods are generally short and time is of the utmost importance, we are usually able to get your inspection scheduled and performed within a few days. All reports are delivered the same day as your inspection, usually within several hours.


We always are prompt in returning any calls and answering any questions or concerns that might arise. We understand that repairs need to be discussed with all parties and we are happy to help in any way.

Inspector Bootcamp

Do you have realtors in your office that are new to the inspection process or need a refresher course on the Standards of Practice and/or changes? Are you familiar with what we do or do not inspect and how inspections are performed?  Excel Inspections offers a power point and Q&A session in your office scheduled for your convenience.  It is designed to address the basics of what to inspect during an inspection and how to better prepare yourself and your client (buyer or seller) for the inspection.  Just give us a call to schedule.

Home Ownership 101

A new home buyer can be overwhelmed if not familiar with routine maintenance and repair issues. There are basic questions that may not be part of the scope of the inspection.  Excel Inspections offers a personal one-on-one exclusive time at the new property to address and cover general and specific questions that may arise.  Call our office for a quote.


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