An inspection can last from 1-3 hours, depending on size, age & condition of the house. Our team consists of 2 home inspectors and our computer/IT person all working at the same time (a termite inspector might also be present if requested). We work for you, so we always recommend that the buyer be present so that we can answer any questions and you can see how we do our inspection. As a professional, we respect your time so our promptness and reliability is our reputation. We present the report findings and answer your questions with patience and thoroughness. We also show you digital pictures taken throughout the inspection and point out the defects in a precise, detailed manner.  We also request that you be present at the time appointed.

Being able to walk through the house and meet with the Inspector is the best option. However there are circumstances where a buyer cannot be physically present for the inspection.

If you can’t personally be present at the inspection:

* Have your Realtor, a friend or relative join the inspector at the home. Convey to them any specific questions or concerns you have so they can relay this information to the Inspector and have them take notes for you.

*Once you have received and read your report, call your inspector if you have any questions or concerns regarding the report.






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