What are some hazards I should be aware of in buying/owning a home?

  • After move-in, there are several items of safety that should be addressed.
  • Walk through and around your home, including sidewalks and driveways for any tripping hazards.
  • First of all, have all exterior door locks changed and pin numbers of alarm systems if applicable.
  • Fire safety is the most preventable with installing working smoke detectors that are tested monthly.
  • Carbon monoxide monitors/detectors should be installed in the home.
  • GFCI outlets should be installed in appropriate locations where exposed to water can prevent accidental electrocution. (Refer to your inspection report for specifics).
  • All swimming pools should have fence enclosures that can be latched/locked to prevent unauthorized use. There are many safety devices designed for pools to alert presence in the water.
  • Make sure all electrical wiring is in good condition, all updates and changes done by a professional licensed electrician.
  • All dryer vents should be metal and not vinyl to prevent fire hazards and duct work kept free of debris.
  • Stair and balcony railings should have the proper spacing of less than 4” to prevent accidents.
  • Keep all walk-in attics locked.
  • Install flue caps on chimneys to prevent unwanted infestations and water penetration.
  • For further safety information, go to http://www.cpsc.gov/sitemap.html.
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