What Is A Home Inspection?

A professional home inspection is a visual inspection of the structure and components of a home. The home inspector will look for items that are deficient or not functioning, items that are unsafe or are not within the guidelines of the “Standards of Practice” established by the Texas Real Estate Commission. If a deficiency is found with the property, the inspector will include a description of the problem in the report and may recommend further evaluation by a professional in that specific area of expertise, (such as a structural engineer, electrician, etc.) . It is important to remember that a Home Inspection is basically visual in nature and non-invasive with no intrusive drilling or digging.

Once you have chosen Excel and scheduled your inspection, there are three more steps in the process:

* The Home Inspection – Inspectors meet you at the property and the actual evaluation takes place.

* The Report & Summary – given at the end of the Inspection, where the condition of the house is summarized for you and any significant defects are brought to your attention.

* Resource After The Inspection – Our inspectors are available to you after the inspection to clarify and answer any questions you may have about the inspection and report, which is part of our inspection fee. Our inspectors can be an invaluable resource for you long after you have moved in to provide you with referrals, advice, tips on home repairs, etc. Our inspectors will not charge you for phone consultations, it is part of our EXCELLANT service. If you want a repeat property visit however, an additional fee could be involved.

A quality home inspection, performed by our licensed professionals, is designed to provide you with the information you need to make a more informed decision about your potential purchase. Excel Inspection provides you the knowledge to make your purchase with confidence.

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