Inspecting Your Home After A Storm

If you have a leaky roof, you probably know about it after a few weeks of rainstorms! But rainy weather is a good opportunity to check more than just your roof. For example, rainy/windy storms make it easy to tell how well your windows and doors seal up. Rainy weather is also good time to check your lot for drainage problems. You can easily see whether or not water is draining away from your house, and any place you notice significant water puddling may be an area where the grading needs attention.

You should also walk around the exterior of your property and look for any damage from the wind after a storm. Pay special attention to areas where your landscaping might have been blown against your home. It would be a good idea to make sure all trees and shrubbery are trimmed away from your house before the storm seasons to prevent them from damaging the exterior of your home during windy weather. You may notice pieces of shingles that have been torn from the rooftop and blown to the ground. If you are extra motivated, you may want to get a ladder and look at your roof from the eave. Be careful not to fall and don’t walk on a tile or metal roof unless you are a professional.

Your swimming pool also needs extra attention during the monsoon season. Most pools and spas need more chemicals during the summer heat but the rainy season makes it almost impossible to keep the leaves and other debris out of the water. Clean your pool, skimmers and filters more often, and pay closer attention to your water’s chemical levels.

These are just a few of the areas you should regularly inspect on your home. Water damage is expensive and not much fun. But if ignored, it can even lead to mold and other problems. Taking steps to keep your home properly maintained will be well worth the effort.


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