Spring Cleaning and Energy Saving Tips

Spring is here so let’s go over a few quick tips on energy saving and spring cleaning for your home.

Have your entire HVAC system cleaned and serviced.

Make sure your filters are clean and in good shape.

Seal any leaks with insulation, caulking, and weather stripping. If your attic isn’t insulated, be sure to insulate the entrance so the cold/heat doesn’t seep into your house from above.

Have an energy audit to determine your homes energy effeciency. Having upgrades in older homes with newer appliances, windows, insulating materials, etc. can add up in savings.

Replace standard bulbs with energy saving lightbulbs.

Take a peak up in your attic to make sure any rodents or vermin have not set up camp in your attic space. Check for open or loose vents, torn screens or any other accessible openings. The damage can be done in a matter of hours from these unwanted visitors.

Consider investing in a programmable thermostat that fulfills heating/cooling needs around your schedule. You set it so the heat kicks on for a specified amount of time before you arrive home or before you get up in the mornings.

Install ceiling fans and set them clockwise in winter, to help push warmer air down where you can enjoy it. (Counter-clock wise in Summer).

Install a water heater blanket for your unit. Drain and refill the tank yearly in order to prevent sediment build-up.

Set your thermostat to 65F or lower, and wear layers of warm cotton clothing in dark colors that absorb light and heat.

Clean your appliances, such as refrigerator coils, ovens, condensor coils, etc. to maximize efficiency.

There are many websites dedicated to these and other ideas to help maintain your home and increase effeciency.


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