Attention All First Time Home Buyers!!

HGTV is looking for Austin area home buyers to appear on its weekly series, “My First Place.” Entering its 9th season, the reality program follows first-time home buyers as they go through the trials and tribulations of looking for, bidding on and ultimately buying their first place.

HGTV seeks home buyers who are:

*Just beginning the search for their very first home purchase

*Fun, interesting people who are excited to be a part of this show

*Willing to share their personal and financial struggles with viewers and consider their lives an “open book”

*Going to be closing by Fall, 2010

*Will be buying within a 60- to 90-minute radius of downtown Austin

Candidates who are selected to appear on the show (and complete taping) will receive a surprise housewarming gift as part of shooting the show and will also get a DVD copy of their episode after it airs on HGTV! Singles, couples and families buying their first place are all encouraged to apply.

Homebuyers who would like to be considered for the program should fill out an application at by clicking here, then clicking on the “casting” tab, then “My First Place.” You can also apply by contacting Megan Golliday at (303) 712-3283, or by email at

New episodes of “My First Place” air on HGTV at 7 p.m. CT on Thursday nights.

If you are chosen and recommend using us as your inspection company, we will perform your inspection for free.


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