Choosing a Home Inspector

One of the best home inspection tips I can provide to home buyers is to inspect your home inspector before hiring him to do your home inspection.

How does one go about inspecting ones home inspector? First, ask questions before, during and after the process.

You should go through exactly the same process you do when selecting any other trained professional. Seek referrals from friends who bought homes to determine what they thought about the process. When friends tell you they had a good experience with the home inspector they hired, take that into consideration for your decision. Also, realtors can be a good source if they have an inspector that they have worked with in the past that has a good reputation.

But the best tip I can give anyone looking to hire a home inspector is to hire an experienced home inspector. Rest assured a home inspector with 25 years experience knows at least 25 times what a new just out of school home inspector knows. Home inspecting requires not only technical knowledge, continuing education, but also the ability to communicate that knowledge to others in such a way that they can understand it.

Now you are ready to have your new home inspected with confidence.

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