Freeze Protection

With temperatures beginning to drop, its a good time to make sure all of your pipes are protected.

Freeze protection for plumbing pipes should be installed in areas where the air is not heated, such as crawlspaces, garages, workshops and sheds. This will prevent them from bursting during an overnight freeze when temperatures drop.

Exterior hose bibs should be covered and insulated. Any home improvement store will carry products made specifically for this purpose. All garden hoses should be disconnected from the hose bib and drained.

Outside water well tanks that are not in a well house should be covered and insulated, along with pipes. Fire-rated heat lamps or lights can also help keep pipes from freezing.

Swimming pool and spas/hot tubs should also be included in your freeze protection checklist.

For interior pipes, turn on your faucets to allow the water to trickle/drip into the sink. Opening cabinet doors inside can help expose the pipes to warmer air. The slow flow of water will prevent the liquid from freezing within the pipes.Taking care of small problems now prevents bigger problems later. Be proactive on your winter home maintenance.

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